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KORTONS Round 18 Karats Gold 3D Eyelets / FIBA Jordan XII - Full Video

When it comes to sports shoes, we all see premium quality, functional designs that provide us comfort, agility, and long lasting durability. However, over the past few decades, sportswear has taken the dynamic and coveted form of athleisure-a raging new trend that has taken over contemporary casual and streetwear statements. 

Today, we want to flaunt athleisure and sportswear, not just for basketball or other sports, but for all our contemporary looks as these statements allow us to look active, vibrant and youthful. More importantly, athleisure apparel and sneakers allow us to be quick on our feet, and we can cruise through the streets with a charming, street style appeal. At Kortons, we help you give your standard sneakers and footwear a much more charming, personalized appeal. 

Naturally, everyone wants to stand out with a unique and exclusive statement, and at Kortons, we make that possible by allowing you give your footwear a dashing, individualized appeal. If you want to stand out in the crowd and command attention with your style savvy footwear choices, keep reading to find out what we have in store! 

When it comes to superior quality sneakers and sports footwear, Nike has dominated the industry with its charming and super-functional designs. For decades, this dynamic brand has spearheaded countless trends alongside giving birth to innovative cushioning strategies that allow a unique comfort and cushioning to the feet. 

Athletes who endorse and wear Nike have always praised the iconic brand for its ability to infuse footwear with a wide variety of technologies that boost agility, and eliminate the fatigue that comes from high-performance athletic endeavors. Modern-day men and women adore the comfort and style appeal that Nike has to offer, and during the recent decades, Nike has emerged as an industry leader in setting head-turning athleisure trends. 

At Kortons, we can help give your Nike sneakers a glamorous makeover that will serve the purpose of preserving its quality, and adding more functionality to your pair. Nike’s high-end offerings are a subliminal creation of style and quality, and this footwear brands dominates the fashion and sports arena with its sassy and functional designs. The brand identity and designs of Nike resonate with men and women who seek to flaunt a style that is versatile, functional and sleek. 

Needless to say, Nike has quickly emerged as a dynamic powerhouse of sleek sportswear energy and functional usability, and the brand has resonated with young professionals who seek to incorporate athleisure into their formal and semi-formal dress codes. Indeed, the most dynamic aspect of Nike’s designs is their ability to be style-savvy alongside offering and unprecedented comfort that allows the iconic brand to stand unmatched in the industry. 

Over the years, Nike has introduced us to multiple exciting footwear trends and designs through its fabulous collaborations with a plethora of designers and brands. This article revolves around Nike’s latest creation for 2019: the FIBA Jordan XII. 

In this article, we will walk you through all the inspiration you need to give your pair of the much celebrated and eagerly anticipated FIBA Jordan XII a glamorous and loud streetwear energy. At Kortons, we are die-hard fans of Nike’s innovative and style savvy designs, and our team of designers have created 18 Karats Gold 3D eyelets to give the pair the elegance and glamour that comes from exquisitely crafted embellishments.

But before we dwell onto the dynamics of how our intricately curated 3D Gold eyelets can add beauty and charm to your favorite pair of Nike shoes, let’s take a look at the story behind Nike’s most celebrated collaboration for the year 2019. 


Nike’s FIBA Jordan XII

The widely anticipated and trendy FIBA Jordan XII was released on August, 23rd, 2019, and this enigmatic pair has certainly surpassed all expectations with regards to its quality, design and comfort. Needless to say, the pair has fared impressively well on all metrics that evaluate its performance, and since its release in August, athleisure enthusiasts and athletes are eagerly scooping up the most coveted pair from Nike’s FIBA-themed footwear collection. 

Jordan Brand’s much celebrated and acclaimed FIBA-themed footwear collection turned out to be a delightful surprise for athletes and sportswear lovers across the world. The FIBA Jordan XII is available in white/red/gold and it rocks a charming white and red color palette, with a bold retro appeal. The shoe was designed as a celebration of the 2019 FIBA Basketball World Cup, which was held in China from August 31 to September 15. 

The iconic design pays a tribute to both, the international basketball tournament and intricacy of Chinese culture with its versatile and charming accents. A token of superior quality leather and masterful stitching, the shoe is nothing short of a delight with its exquisite aesthetics and functionality. 

It is a renovation of the world-famous sneaker, the Air Jordan 12 Retro which was worn by the iconic MK during the 96-97 Championship Game 5. The remodeled design features a superior quality white leather upper, with a charming blend of red and gold accents that symbolize the colors of China. 

Gold accents cover up the medial and lateral sides of the sneaker, alongside the top lacing eyelets, while the red overlays are used to give the heels and branding elements a distinctively retro appeal. The heel of the sneaker boosts the powerful charisma of Chinese characters that denote a love for basketball. The design is impressively versatile and we are utterly and insanely in love with this stunning creation. 

With a price tag of USD $190, athletes believe that the FIBA Jordan 12 is a remarkable design that offers innovative comfort and a retro appeal that is energetic and youthful. It boosts a distinctive and uniquely clean design that can be incorporated into any and every statement. Masterfully crafted with full-grain leather, the sneaker is powered with full-length zoom air cushioning, while the responsive cushioning technology allows athletes to enjoy unprecedented comfort, alongside eliminating exhaustion and fatigue. 

Laced with Glamour

Here’s an exciting chance to break free from the monotony of flaunting the same statement as thousands of athleisure enthusiasts across the world: glam up your pair of FIBA Jordan XII with our 18 Karat Gold 3D eyelets. 

You can give this clean and distinctive pair of Nike sneakers a fabulously glamorous makeover that will command attention and garner you applause for your style savviness. Whether it is a handbag, footwear or a clothing item, all fashion and style enthusiasts seek to stand out and revel in their individuality. Demanding uniqueness and exclusivity in our style statements is an instinct that allows us to be trendsetters rather than those who blindly jump aboard the bandwagon of fleeting trends. 

The most obvious problem with mass produced items is the fact that they deny us the individuality and uniqueness we seek, and at Kortons, we present you the perfect opportunity to give this iconic pair by Nike a dynamic, customized appeal. Our intricately carved 18 Karat Gold 3D eyelets are designed to exude a sleek charm and a coveted retro appeal, which will work fabulously with the clean and distinctive white, gold and red color palette of the FIBA Jordan XII. 

It’s just the embellishment you need to preserve the quality of your favorite pair, and infuse it with an electrifying retro appeal that will stand out on the streets and garner you compliments. These eyelets, one of the best-selling designs from our collections, are designed to play up the athletic appeal with a loud and charismatic vibe that will blend in seamlessly well with your contemporary casual, streetwear, formal and semi-formal apparel. 

Carved with the magic of 100% pure, 18 Karat Gold, these 3D eyelets will give the retro appeal of the FIBA Jordan 2019 a charismatic makeover, amplifying the charm of its grain leather design, and adding a more glamorous accent to the clean white color palette. The glistening gold is the perfect infusion to play up the gold overlays and give the red accents a striking contrast. The versatile white color palette will work wonders at carrying off the charm of our 3D gold eyelets with a dramatic aplomb! 

If you want to rock a statement that blends in the streetwear charm and versatility of athleisure appeal with a charismatic appeal, this is the perfect embellishment to play up the design. The lace-up design of the FIBA Jordan XII makes it an excellent pair to rock the dynamic appeal of our exquisitely crafted gold 3D eyelets. 


Dripping with Opulence 

At Kortons, we are strong advocates of uniqueness and individuality, and we actively encourage our customers to seek charm and glamour that allows to stand out and revel in their personalized sense of style. Our masterfully crafted 18 karat Gold 3D eyelets have been designed to exude a high-end vibe of opulence and luxury, and they are just what you need to give your pair a distinguished appeal. 

The FIBA Jordan XII has turned out to be one of the best-selling pair by Nike, and our gold 3D eyelets allow you to rock a pair that is distinctive from all the rest. The best part is, the stunning gold color palette of these eyelets is the perfect embellishment to incorporate the design with a dramatically opulent vibe that is dripping with luxury. 

Are you willing to rock the eyelets that were originally designed by Nike as part of its remodeling of the iconic design? Allow us to encourage you to move past from a design that is being worn by hundreds and thousands across the world. Conforming to the same style that is worn by all the other Nike customers will certainly not help you in creating a personalized wardrobe that exudes uniqueness and customized luxury. 

Our beautifully craved gold 3D eyelets present a remarkable opportunity to break free from the monotony of rocking the same pair as the guy sitting next to you on the subway, or your partner in yoga class. These sassy and loud embellishments exude a bold versatility that can be rocked on any and every occasion, be it a local basketball tournament, a tennis match, or even a casual day on the streets. The glamorous appeal will also work wonders at giving your party wear and nightlife statements a dramatic dose of spice! 


Why Choose our Eyelets? 

At Kortons, we excel in crafting unique and personalized embellishments to give you favorite footwear and sneakers a dramatically individualized appeal. We are driven by our passion to infuse your footwear wardrobe with an eclectic dose of glamour that allows you to stand out with a street savvy charm that grabs attention. 

We are strong advocates of uniqueness and customization, and our designs are driven by our dedication to create premium quality eyelets that not only glamourize an average pair of lace-up sneakers. But more importantly, they serve the instrumental purpose of preserving their quality and functionality. 

Are you as fond of footwear brands as we are? Allow us to inspire you with fabulous designs and experimental embellishments that will give your sneakers a glamorously distinctive makeover that is visually appealing and super-functional. 

We promise our clients superior durability and enhanced functionality. Now, you can indulge in your fervor for glamming up your favorite pair of sneakers with an edgy and eclectic appeal. Often, old and worn out pairs tend to lose their glamorous appeal, and if your FIBA Jordan XII seems to have lost its panache, our 3D 18 Karat Gold eyelets present a striking opportunity to infuse new life into your favorite pair! 

We believe in stress-free utility and enhanced durability, and our masterfully designed 3D eyelets offer the amazing opportunity to make sure your favorite Nike sneakers never lose their charm and beauty due to ripping, wear and tear, or tarnished eyelets. 

At Kortons, we are dedicated to provide our customers superior value for money, and our 3D eyelets have been manufactured in line with the leading global manufacturing standards. The 18 Karat Gold 3D eyelets are a prime investment as they will make sure that the charm of your favorite pair is never dulled by the awful tarnishing that tends to give the sneakers a shabby and worn out appeal.

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