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PHILIPP PLEIN Lace Up Boots With KORTONS Platinum Shoelace Eyelets Upgrade

May 17, 2020

PHILIPP PLEIN Lace Up Boots With KORTONS Platinum Shoelace Eyelets Upgrade

PHILIPP PLEIN Lace Up Boots With KORTONS Platinum Shoelace Eyelets Upgrade- Full Video

Redefine Philipp Plein Lace-up Boots with Korton's Platinum Shoelace Eyelet Upgrades


German designer Philipp Plein is known for producing some of the most stylish and lavish modern footwear designs. Philipp Plein lace-up boots are specially manufactured from the choicest materials, which evokes the class and brilliance of its wearers. Korton’s platinum shoelace eyelets can further enhance these luxury boots by customizing its design according to the individual’s personality. 

What are Kortons’ Platinum Eyelets?


Eyelets are an often overlooked feature of footwear. They are the holes where laces are threaded through for a snug fit. Footwear with longer shoelaces usually features more eyelets (i.e. boots) than shoes with shorter laces (i.e. sneakers). Eyelets may be small features but they can certainly make a huge difference by improving the aesthetics of designer footwear and making them even more precious. 


While eyelets are typically bordered by common metals such as aluminum or brass, Kortons provides luxurious alternatives that add great value to your favorite pairs of shoes. Kortons’ platinum eyelet is a popular choice among footwear connoisseurs, who are drawn to its sleek and polished metallic finish. The design has worked wonders for many shoe designs, including the showstopping upgrade of Philipp Plein’s classy lace-up boots.

The Philipp Plein Lace-up Boots Upgrade with Kortons’ Platinum Eyelets


The Kortons team has combined its original Platinum Letter (P) Octagon Shoelace Eyelets with Philipp Plein boots to create an instant masterpiece. The results are nothing short of stunning as wearers are bound to capture the attention of passersby regardless of where they are: be it down a busy boulevard, at a private function, or a friend’s birthday party (try not to steal the thunder of the host).


The Power of Platinum


Platinum is a rare material that is highly treasured among students of style and fashion. The silver-like metal is associated with glam, sophistication, and beauty - which is why the greatest tracks in the music industry are branded platinum hits (never gold or diamond). 

Adding platinum eyelets to designer footwear will not only enhance its overall appearance but makes wearers feel like VIPs wherever they go. Kortons’platinum eyelets are not just a preference, it is the leading standard of class and quality.  

Augmented Designer Boots


Philipp Plein is a modern designer who possesses a keen eye for detail who combines the comfort of everyday styles with the éclat of luxury footwear. Plein’s lace-up boots are the epitome of the designer’s hybrid philosophy -  a fierce yet casual design for the ultramodern fashionista.   

Kortons’ platinum eyelets are manufactured with the highest quality of materials, which are made to last through all weather and terrain. The augmented variation of Philipp Plein's lace-up boots would be a welcome addition to the  collection of footwear aesthetes seeking the most prestigious designs.


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The combination of Kortons’ exquisite eyelets and Shoelery’s gorgeous accessories will instantly transform your precious footwear into unique masterpieces.  Why stop at standard designer footwear? Create a style that is truly one-of-a-kind with Kortons and Shoelery - because you deserve nothing short of the finest. 


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