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KORTONS Round 18 Karats Gold 3D Eyelets - LOUIS VUITTON Match Up Boots

May 22, 2017


KORTONS Round 18 Karats Gold 3D Eyelets / LOUIS VUITTON Match Up Boots - Full Video

Kortons 3D Eyelets Products 

These products come in all shapes and sizes. More importantly, they are available in gold, platinum or silver thus being luxurious to the core. For instance, the eyelets in these LOUIS VUITTON Match Up Boots Plain Calf Leather, Monogram Canvas, Rubber Outsole contain 18 karats gold 3D eyelets with lettering styled shapes. Footwear will look exquisite with that amount of bling taking them to another level. When you think 3d eyelets, think Kortons. The eyelets are reinforced with grommets to give it that balanced look. As a company, Kortons manufactures eyelets that cut across all luxury marquee fashion lines.


How Kortons Precious Metal 3d Eyelets Influences High-end Footwear

Want a metal eyelet that is unbeatable market wise? Kortons is the brand for you. You can basically feel the pride through your feet as you become the center of attraction. Furthermore, specialized hands mean your needs are attended to. There's no limit. Whether the shoes are highly technical or in vogue in the fashion industry.

Updated Trends

Kortons Brand Eyelet Company Inc. always sets the trend. The notion that 3d metals are heavy and tacky on footwears are dispelled. Setting the pace, Kortons eyelets are light and rust resistant. The precious metals, platinum, and gold are already futuristic. If it is high-end casual wear, your appearance will tremendously take a leap. Every detail is taken into consideration to meet the demands of your style. It's common to spot celebrities and fashionista with the Kortons Brand product.


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September 01, 2020

While regular metals normally circumscribe eyelets, for example, aluminium or metal. Kortons gives lavish options that increase the value of your preferred sets of black shoes. Kortons’ platinum eyelet is a well-known decision among footwear epicureans, who are attracted to its smooth and cleaned metallic look. The precious design adds an incredible vibe to your monotonous shoes.

Platinum is a precious material that is exceptionally loved among aficionados of style and design. The silver-like metal is synonymous with glitz, sophistication, and excellence - which is the reason the best tracks in the music realm are marked platinum hits (never gold or silver).

Adding Korton’s platinum eyelets to your black footwear won’t just improve its general appearance, however, causes wearers to feel like an epitome of style and class.


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August 08, 2020

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The Amazing World of Shoelery
The Amazing World of Shoelery

July 13, 2020

Kortons is the leading designer of premium eyelets. We believe that luxurious eyelets have the potential to enrich the overall appearance of your favorite footwear. Kortons quality eyelets are available in a broad range of design options, which are specially crafted in rare materials such as gold and platinum. The eyelets are suitable for casual designer sneakers, rugged boots, or any other footwear that requires a personalized touch. Customers can look forward to creating monograms as personalized accessories, or sentimental gifts for their loved ones.

The quality of Kortons eyelets makes them highly resistant against scratches and damage. Our products are meant to be passed from one generation to another.


The combination of Kortons’ exquisite eyelets and Shoelery’s gorgeous accessories will instantly transform your precious footwear into unique masterpieces.  Why stop at standard designer footwear? Create a style that is truly one-of-a-kind with Kortons and Shoelery - because you deserve nothing short of the finest. 


Browse Korton’s catalog to discover the style that reflects your personality. We are committed to providing nearly a century of unmatched class, quality, and brilliance. 


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