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KORTONS 18 Karats Gold 3D Eyelets - AIR JORDAN XX3 Gold Trophy (Gold/Black)

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Introducing 3D eyelets; the latest trend in Fashion
Have you ever looked at a shoe like the AIR JORDAN XX3 Gold Trophy (Gold/Black) and wished you could make them more attractive by adding or two designs? Or perhaps you just saw a pair of shoes which was everything you wanted except the eyelets which were out of place or you wished you could make them better? Then this is for you. Welcome to the age of 3D eyelets which are everything you ever wanted for your shoes. 

These 3D eyelets were manufactured by Kortons Brand Eyelet Company. They were wonderfully designed from gold, platinum, silver, and other precious metals to give your eyelets a touch of elegance and comfort. 3D eyelets by Kortons Brand Eyelet Company will make your shoes more beautiful, and the flexibility of designs make them an invaluable addition to your shoes. In this article, we shall discuss why you need to purchase these 3D eyelets and what makes them unique in the market.
What makes 3D eyelets different from typical eyelet?
You are not out of place if you ask this question. 3D eyelets are relatively new in the market; thus; raising concerns in the minds of potential customers is a normal routine. By using 3D eyelets, you will enjoy the following benefits.
Ability to Customize the eyelets
With 3D eyelets from Kortons Brand Eyelet Company, you have one of the best options to choose the design of your eyelets and have them delivered based on your specification. There are several designs available, and we believe you can easily select one that best suits your needs. You can decide to customize the 3D eyelets with alphabets from your name, and the possibility is endless.
A new trend in fashion by making eyelets with your favorite metal
The creation of these eyelets from precious metals such as gold, platinum, and silver serves as the best link to give your favorite shoe a facelift. The trend of using fashionable and 3D eyelets will soon overcome the market.
Durability: 3D eyelets are durable and give you value for your money. Unlike the normal eyelets which can fade away or develop one challenge or the other, these customizable 3D eyelets are highly durable.
They are easy to maintain: 3D eyelets are easy to maintain and can be used by virtually everyone. This level of flexibility gives it one of the best customer appeals while in the market.
They are affordable: It is not uncommon to find such service only targeted at the rich and influential in society. 3D highlights are affordable and can be custom-made for any design.
Your shoes deserve all the care they can get. After safeguarding your feet from all the dangers on the road, it won’t be a bad idea if you give them a treat once in a while. Contact us if you are interested in purchasing the right 3D eyelets or have any question for us, we will love to hear from you. Don’t forget to share this article.

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