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OVO JORDAN XII (White/Gold) - 18 Karats Gold 3D Eyelets Exclusively by KORTONS

KORTONS Round 18 Karat Gold 3D Eyelets / OVO Jordan XII - Full Video

The company called Nike does not need any introduction in the civilized world; as an athlete sport merchandize company, it has a long history rivaled only by Adidas. The company, founded in January of 1964, the company is a power house in the making of athletic products and merchandise. The company’s products are used not only by athletes but everyone.  The company has a long list of sponsored athletes that helps to drive their sales, some prominent athletes have their own personal lines within the Nike empire.

Michael Jordan was a pro basketball player signed to Nike, he is one of the athletes that has a personal shoe line within the Nike empire. The Jordan line is one of the most versatile line within the Nike company and has brought a lot of diversification to the company. Of course, he is not the only NBA superstar with a sneaker line within Nike. Others include Anfernee Hardaway, Kobe Bryant and LeBron James.

The man Drake might be well known for his songs; beyond that, he is also the brain behind October Very Own, a clothing brand which he launched in 2011 alongside Roots Canada. The popularity of the act has created traction for OVO and it is no surprise that the fashion line soon got in with worthwhile collaborations.

One of such collaboration was with popular athlete line Nike, precisely the Jordan line within the Nike conglomerate. The collaboration has churned out no fewer than twelve different shoes including the Nike Jordan Anaconda, the Jordan 10 Retro OVO, the Jordan 12 hydro slides and the Clarks original desert boot OVO amidst several unreleased shoe wares. With fans all over the world clamoring for more, the OVO Nike Jordan xii was released in 2016.

The Nike Jordan October Very Own is a great shoe, no doubt. Like other flagship collaboration sneakers, the Jordan OVO xii leverages on the success of previous edition; the Jordan LX and other collaborations before it. Similar to the release of the Jordan 10 and 12, the Nike Jordan xii OVO features both white and black colorway options with tumbled leather and nubuck. The metallic gold detailing and branding that is a signature of the OVO brand is not also missing.

While the OVO Nike xii is a very fantastic shoe, the average shoe enthusiast feels that more can be done to the sneaker though. One of the ways a lot of shoe enthusiast can improve on the quality of the OVO Nike xii is to enhance the eyelet of the sneakers. It’s true that the solid gold branding that is the trademark of the OVO brand is a fantastic way to go with the sneaker, more can be done.

Unlike the Air Jordan Splatter aka Multicolor which color catches the eye and makes it an instant catch, the OVO Nike xii cannot rely on such a palate of color in order to make a statement. Aside the gold branding, the OVO Nike xii is just another sneaker on the street. It is so much shame to wear such a sneaker and not a make a statement with it, isn’t that whole idea?

This begs the question of how to glam up your OVO Nike xii without unnecessarily changing so much. One of the routes some people go through is to have their sneaker hand painted; this sought of makes it no different from an Air Jordan Splatter at the end of the day. There should be a better way of glamming up your OVO, don’t you think you should do justice to the Snow-white sneakers?

Glamming it up

A good way to glam up your Nike OVO xii is to work on the eyelets, you might be a bit lost if you are just thinking about the regular eyelets that came in with the sneakers. You will agree that the eyelets of the OVO Nike xii are just your regular eyelets and it definitely adds up to why the sneaker has a common feel.

By trading those regular eyelets for something more premium and classy, you are choosing to change the feel of your sneaker. What if you can do much more than that? How about moving past the traditional colorful standard eyelets and pitch your tent with 3D luxury eyelets.

The beauty of 3D eyelets

Have you ever dreamt of mixing your favorite metal alongside fabric to make a unique eyelet? Now you have got it, with the Kortons 3D your dreams have become a reality. With the Kortons eyelets, you don’t have to worry about wear or ripping out. The industry standard eyelets are built to last and much more, it is built to impress while you are wearing your classy OVO Nike xii sneaker.

With our 3D eyelets, you are getting much more than your value for the eyelets. Your favorite metal mixed with fabric and incorporated into your sneaker; nothing beats it, there is no better way to stand out in a crowd of people wearing the same sneaker.

Why the Korton 3D eyelets

It’s luxurious

Everyone wants to sport luxurious things; the 3D eyelets from Korton is definitely luxurious and this taste of luxuriousness can turn around the fate of your OVO Nike xii sneaker. When you are thinking of glamming up your sneaker, it doesn’t get better than the Korton 3D eyelets.

You can fuse in your metal

With the Korton eyelets, you can apply in your favorite metal to be fused into your eyelets. This sets your sneaker apart from every other collector. With a gold accent to your eyelets, you can have your OVO Nike xii as one of the hottest commodities in your wardrobe. With platinum, you can sort of retain the sportiness of the sneaker without being too loud, yet you are assured of all the quality you can get.

It’s affordable

Luxury and affordable doesn’t mix in a lot of dictionary but it does in ours. We can guarantee that our eyelets are quite affordable and are not made for the novae rich.

Reach out today on to pick out the eyelets best for your OVO Nike xii and let’s get started.

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