Jewelry Lace Eyelet Collection

We are presenting to you unique goods because our product is a one of a kind treasure. If you are true to style and prestige, you’ll adore our carefully crafted jewelry lace eyelet collection it is like a precious rare diamond among simple ores.

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14K Yellow Gold Lace Eyelets

14K Yellow Gold Shoelace Eyelets

14K White Gold Lace Eyelets

14K White Gold Shoelace Eyelets

14K Rose Gold Lace Eyelets

14K Rose Gold Shoelace Eyelets

18K Yellow Gold Lace Eyelets

18K Yellow Gold Shoelace Eyelets

Platinum Lace Eyelets

Platinum Shoelace Eyelets

Fine Polished Silver Lace Eyelets

Fine Polished Silver Shoelace Eyelets

Polished Silver Lace Eyelets

Polished Silver Shoelace Eyelets

Vermeil Silver Shoelace Eyelets Exclusively by Kortons Brand Eyelet Company Inc.

Vermeil Silver Shoelace Eyelets

Natural Silver Lace Eyelets

Natural Silver Shoelace Eyelets

9K Rose Gold Shoelace Eyelets Exclusively By Kortons Brand Eyelet Company Inc.

9K Rose Gold Shoelace Eyelets

Antique Silver Shoelace Eyelets Exclusively By Kortons Brand Eyelet Company Inc.

Antique Silver Shoelace Eyelets

9K Gold Shoelace Eyelets Exclusively By Kortons Brand Eyelet Company Inc.

9K Gold Shoelace Eyelets

Luxury Shoelace Aglets

Designed for Shoelace Tips Available in Platinum, Gold, and Silver.

Forever My Luxury Eyelets

We all have memorable moments with our shoes and their occasions, uniqueness is what your shoes wishes for more and more.

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Jewelry Eyelet Magic!

We’re excited to introduce a new concept for luxury and lavish footwear: unforgettable to any and unforgivable to envy, the eyelets that every shoe desires.

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Eyelets Darkest Secret!

Welcome your jewelry lace eyelets home by introducing them to a new comfy and fine jewelry eyelet box: an elegant, bold essential crafted piece that your jewelry lace eyelets will love and cherish forever.

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Eyelets That Shoe Can Remember!

Unveiling a new level of lace eyelets, designed to make your opulent footwear would be entirely complete!

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A Precious Gift For Shoe!

"What eyelets should be made of"

Platinum Shoelace Eyelets vs Regular Shoelace Eyelets