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Different Shapes, Sizes, and Precious Metal Grades

You can't have that many years of experience and have a few things to show for it. At Kortons, precious metal 3d eyelets come in different shapes, sizes, colors, and precious metal grades. You may have a problem picking a style. Every product is done in a unique way. From standard eyelets to eyelets with white gold. Round, hexagonal stars... Name it and they got it. The customer is king at Kortons. They' will pull any stunt to have you coming back for more. 


Why You Need Kortons 3D Metal Eyelets 
The Kortons eyelets ensure that you can go about your business safely. Be it sports, casual or fashion. The 3d metal eyelet makes it easier for laces to slide better. Thanks to the fine precious metal material and perfect sides, friction is limited. You also don't have to worry about the eyelet breaking. In fact, its guaranteed that the eyelets will outlast the footwear.