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KORTONS Round 18 Karats Gold 3D Eyelets / FIBA Jordan XII - Full Video

Carved with the magic of 100% pure, 18 Karat Gold, these 3D eyelets will give the retro appeal of the FIBA Jordan 2019 a charismatic makeover, amplifying the charm of its grain leather design, and adding a more glamorous accent to the clean white color palette. The glistening gold is the perfect infusion to play up the gold overlays and give the red accents a striking contrast. The versatile white color palette will work wonders at carrying off the charm of our 3D gold eyelets with a dramatic aplomb! 

If you want to rock a statement that blends in the streetwear charm and versatility of athleisure appeal with a charismatic appeal, this is the perfect embellishment to play up the design. The lace-up design of the FIBA Jordan XII makes it an excellent pair to rock the dynamic appeal of our exquisitely crafted gold 3D eyelets. 

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OVO JORDAN XII (White/Gold) - 18 Karats Gold 3D Eyelets Exclusively by KORTONS

KORTONS Round 18 Karats Gold 3D Eyelets / OVO Jordan XII - Full Video

The man Drake might be well known for his songs; beyond that, he is also the brain behind October Very Own, a clothing brand which he launched in 2011 alongside Roots Canada. The popularity of the act has created traction for OVO and it is no surprise that the fashion line soon got in with worthwhile collaborations.

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KORTONS 18 Karats Gold 3D Eyelets - AIR JORDAN XX3 Gold Trophy (Gold/Black)

The Eyelet Touch - Full Video

Introducing 3D eyelets; the latest trend in Fashion
Have you ever looked at a shoe like the AIR JORDAN XX3 Gold Trophy (Gold/Black) and wished you could make them more attractive by adding or two designs? Or perhaps you just saw a pair of shoes which was everything you wanted except the eyelets which were out of place or you wished you could make them better? Then this is for you. Welcome to the age of 3D eyelets which are everything you ever wanted for your shoes.

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Eyelet of Eyelets

You can't have that many years of experience and have a few things to show for it. At Kortons, precious metal 3d eyelets come in different shapes, sizes, colors, and precious metal grades. You may have a problem picking a style. Every product is done in a unique way. From standard eyelets to eyelets with white gold. Round, hexagonal stars...

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KORTONS Round 18 Karats Gold 3D Eyelets - LOUIS VUITTON Match Up Boots

KORTONS Round 18 Karats Gold 3D Eyelets / LOUIS VUITTON Match Up Boots - Full Video

Want a metal eyelet that is unbeatable market wise? Kortons is the brand for you. You can basically feel the pride through your feet as you become the center of attraction. Furthermore, specialized hands mean your needs are attended to. There's no limit. Whether the shoes are highly technical or in vogue in the fashion industry.

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KORTONS 18 Karats Gold 3D Eyelets - Air Jordan 23 'Metallic Gold

The Eyelet Touch II - Full Video

As stated, for more than 8 decades of experience tell many tales. Kortons has the style and knowledge to influence your footwear choice. 

The 18 karats gold 3d eyelet will take your authentic footwear or fabric to an iconic level. For instance, Kortons eyelets have been added to the original Nike Air Jordan xx3 sneakers to good effect.

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