Luxury Eyelets For Luxury Footwear

Company Policy/FAQ's

Placing an Order
    • What are my payment options?
Credit Cards
The United States or Canada - (American Express, PayPal, Discover, JCB, MasterCard, Venmo, Diners Club or VISA)
(depending on country) and also USD or EUR, depending on the country's destination of the order. Please contact PayPal about payment limitations, countries that accept PayPal, disputes, and other terms.
    • What currencies are permissible?
    USD or EUR are the only payments allowed to be processed, in reference to your shipping country. Customers reviewing invoices note that invoices will also indicate your payment currency.
      • What occurs after my order is placed?
    Your order will be processed, upon quality inspection with each of your product(s), delicately packaged, and shipped on its way.
    Due to the respect of manufacturing and our quality inspection process, Please allow 2-3 weeks for orders to be delivered (depending on destination, the quantity of your order(s) and shipping method chosen.)
    Processing Your Order and Payment
      • How does the payment process work?
    When your order is placed an authorization hold on your credit card will be enforced due to the respect of our verification process.
      • KORTONS refund(s) and exchange policy.
    Currently, we do not offer refunds on our exclusive products (EQUAL EXCHANGE ONLY).
    If you are dissatisfied with your order(s), (WE ASK) that you contact our customer service group within 1 day of receiving your item(s) (via) email or phone and provide us with your order identification, order number and our customer service specialist will order an exchange. TERMS and CONDITIONS APPLY: Orders consisting of high-quality metals and orders of any product(s) that exceeds $200 in value must be returned to KORTONS at customer’s expense to be eligible for an exchange. KORTONS reserves the right to disapprove and/or discredit this offer if we notice negligence, abuse or fraud. We inquire to know why you were not satisfied. We reserve the right to an explanation and reason for the requisitioning of an exchange(s) and an (HD) photograph of the product for which the exchange is being referred before issuing the exchange. We are not responsible for import duties, tariffs, or other costs paid by customers to third parties in order to receive the order. We do not furnish exchange(s) for products that have been exploited, refined, or devastated after shipment is received.
    NOTE - When returning use the shipping label or the information from the shipping label before sending.
    Shipping Info
      • What is KORTONS delivery time for its products?
    KORTONS delivery time for orders varies and is based on the shipping option selected.
    Once an order is shipped, transit and delivery time will rely on the shipping option upon destination. A tracking number will be issued for shipment monitoring purposes.
      • Can an order be rushed?
    Yes depending on shipping method chosen.
      • Can two orders be combined if they were placed separately?
    No, You will be required to pay each of the shipping cost.
      • Can my order be retrieved in person?
    No, all orders are shipped from warehouse to customer(s).
      • Can I ship to other countries around the world?
    It all depends on the country of destination.
    NOTE: Any country except (RUSSIA).
    Existing Orders
      • How can I check my order status?
    Simply log into your KORTONS account and click (order status).
      • Can I cancel an order during the manufacturing process?
    No. Once an order is placed it is immediately processed, manufactured and then shipped.
      • Can I place orders or check order status by phone?
    No. All orders are placed online only. Same as with your order status.
      • There is a late issue with my order. What can be done about it?
    We will firmly address the issue and promptly get to it.
      • How can KORTONS be contacted?
    Contact information is located on our customer support page.