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KORTONS Octagon Platinum 3D Eyelets / Philipp Plein Black "Statement" Sneaker - Full Video

Kortons Platinum 3D Eyelets

We all seek to enjoy lavish luxury and premium quality with a price tag that reflects affordability, and luckily, with our premium quality Platinum 3D eyelets, you can rock a streetwear charm that is timelessly classy!

When it comes to fine quality leather shoes, Italian manufacturers dominate the industry with a sound and superior command over premium quality leather varieties, sophisticated stitching and designing techniques and more. Luxury Italian footwear brands, such as Philip Plein, attract a market of millennials who are conscious about both, quality and quantity. And at Kortons, we can help you give a regular pair of sneakers an exciting makeover that will preserve both, its quality and glamour.

Modern gentlemen do not need an introduction to Philip Plein-a high-end luxury footwear brand that dominates trends in fashion capitals across the globe. Philip Plein is a dynamic footwear brand that resonates splendidly well with the style of men who prefer active wear that is designed with a formal, and sleekly polished appeal.

This footwear brand has emerged as a power house of masculine energy, and over the years, it has given birth to a wide range of trends that are focused on comfort, quality and provocative charm. These styles resonate well with youthful professionals, who want a statement that is formal and style savvy, without giving up on the pleasures of comfortable footwear. These designs are highly popular amongst athletes as well, and all those who enjoy a loud street energy in footwear styles.

We are dedicated fans of Philip Plein’s dynamic and innovative designs, and in this post, we will introduce you to the splendid makeover we created, using Kortons’ Octagon Platinum 3D Eyelets. Our finely curated embellishments gave this intensely charming pair a glamorous makeover!


Philip Plein: Lo-top Statement sneakers

Philip Plein delivers a powerful punch of charm and comfort with its super-popular Low-Top statement sneakers. With its dark and loud undertones, this pair of sneakers delivers a subdued rock and roll vibe. The provocative edges and bold intuition for innovation is blatantly visible in the finely textured leather design, and the sleek appeal of the blue calf leather.

Indeed, these low-top statement sneakers are a visual treat for leather lovers and the lace-up front fastening is ideal for ensuring a comfortable and tight fit. The signature logo plaque, crafted in a sleek hexagon design, looks utterly charming with its polished appeal. Manufactured in Italy, the leather crafting capital of the globe, this bespoke pair radiates a unique charisma that is appropriate for more than occasions, be it work or a casual dinner.

The most desirable feature is indeed the level of comfort, which makes the Philip Plein low-top statement sneakers an absolute dream to walk in. It is highly recommended for those who constantly find themselves walking across streets, marketplaces and odd jobs all day long, and seek to be comfortable without compromising the charm of their outfit.

The shoe is designed with an almond-toe design, which ensures a luxuriously comfortable fit, alongside adding a distinguished charm to the sneakers that grabs attention as you walk through the streets. It’s quality is utterly pristine, featuring 100% calf leather, 100% leather lining and a sturdy rubber sole.


A Charming Makeover

You can give this dark and understated pair of Philip Plein sneakers an exciting makeover, one that will grab attention and garner you compliments. Our octagon-shaped platinum 3D eyelets are just what you need to strike the magic of rowdy and loud streetwear, and play up the athletic appeal of this beauty.

Carved with 100% pure calf leather, the eyelets will certainly work wonders at amplifying the glamour of this rare leather delight. If you seek a statement that blends in the fusion of athleisure with a contemporary streetwear vibe, this is just the trick you have been looking for!

The lace-up design makes it all the more perfect for an eyelet makeover. It will give the sneakers a distinguished and high-end vibe dripping with luxury and glamour. The best part is, the platinum color palette of our eyelets is perfect to complement the shiny logo plaque on the side, and the dark and sketchy vibe of the pair.

If you are settling with the eyelets that came with the pair, you are conforming to a style that is going to be everywhere on the streets. Our octagon platinum 3D eyelets give you an opportunity rock a unique statement and stand out on the streets with a vibe that is sleek and classy. Paired with the Philip Plein low-top statement sneakers, our glossy platinum 3D eyelets give it a club-ready statement that will certainly spice up your nightlife outfits.

You can make this pair all the more versatile and glamorous by adding the classy appeal of our sleek platinum eyelets, making it an appropriate footwear choice for workwear, party wear, club attire, casual streetwear and more. Besides, adding a glossy sheen of sleek will certainly elevate your style and help you break away from the monotony of traditional hued and standard design eyelets that typically come with your sneakers.

Here’s an exciting opportunity to break the monotony and give your footwear wardrobe a sleek dose of classy charm. Just replace the regular eyelets with our platinum design and it will infuse the pair with an eclectic and classy energy that begs to be admired. You can shop these uniquely designed eyelets at amazing fashion bargains, available on our website.


Why 3D Eyelets: Charm & Luxury

At Kortons, we have a passion for footwear and crafting unique and new ideas to infuse our favorite footwear designs with a street savvy edginess, and a distinguished charm that grabs attention. We believe in uniqueness and individuality, and with this agenda, we introduced our extensive collection of intricately designed and manufactured 3D eyelets, which are available in a wide range of variety.

If you are as passionate about footwear as we are, you must have thought about experimenting with different fabrics and metals to glam up your sneakers, and give them a delightful makeover with more visually appealing eyelets.

If you’re still unconvinced about the glamour and luxury of our 3D eyelets, allow us to walk you through some compelling arguments and inspiring tricks to make use of these exquisitely ornamented delights.

Here, take a look:


Superior Durability & Utility

Kortons 3D eyelets allow you to indulge in your passion for glamming up your footwear designs, and pouring new life into your favorite pair that seems to have lost its appeal. The best part about rocking Kortons eyelets is the stress-free utility that comes from a product that will not lose its luster or charm by breaking down, tarnishing or ripping out your sneakers.

This investment is truly worth your while because our eyelets are made in accordance with leading manufacturing standards practiced across the industry. These 3D eyelets are built to last and impress the onlookers with their unparalleled and never-fading charm.

At Kortons, we are determined to offer our customers much more value than what they have to pay in order to obtain our eyelets. This is our commitment towards passionate style enthusiasts who adore experimenting with creative mediums to innovate and revolutionize their size. We allow creative and artistically inclined fashion lovers with the opportunity to infuse their favorite sneakers with contemporary and high-end metals, fabrics and ornamentation.


Luxuriously Glamorous

Luxury is a demand that echoes from all corners of the globe, and over the years, this demand has grown uncontrollably strong. Most believe that glamour is the fashion domain of women but couldn’t be farther from the truth because elegant and smart gentlemen are always keen to sport premium quality leather, high-end tailoring and classy accessories.

Kortons 3D eyelets are designed with the agenda of mainstreaming glamour and making luxury more available to fashion enthusiasts on the streets. Street style is all about luxury and glamour, and each day you step out of the house is a celebration of your wardrobe and your personal sense of style.

At Kortons, we deal in luxury and we are passionate in creating creatively inspiring and artistic eyelet designs that radiate a glamorous energy. Our 3D eyelets will help you acquire a new, unique taste for luxury, and they will work wonders at reviving even the most understated pairs of sneakers.

Are you planning to glam up your favorite pair to make it more versatile and useful for more than one occasions? Gentlemen, look no further than Kortons 3D eyelets, which feature a sleekly polished charm, courtesy of premium quality metals and intricate crafting techniques.


Uniqueness & Individuality

At Kortons, we seek to nurture and promote all fashion enthusiasts, and their sense of uniqueness. Customized products allow us all to demonstrate our own sense of individuality, and feeling deep-rooted in styles and designs that resonates with our personal sense of aesthetics and style.

Whether you like chrome or platinum, our 3D eyelets allow you to make each pair your own with a signature touch that can be synonymous with your personal sense of style. Even if you catch someone wearing the same pair, which is extremely common amongst men, you can still revel in your individuality.

Another amazing aspect is for creative, artistically inclined fashion enthusiasts who seek to personalize all their fashion choices with uniqueness and charisma. Our 3D eyelets allow you to explore a dynamic range of variety and versatility.


Customization & Personalization

Working with Kortons 3D eyelets allows you to play around with a design and turn it into a personalized delight that resonates with your personal sense of style, compliments your wardrobe, and reflects the enigma of your personality. Customization and personalization are two amazing strategies that allow your personality to truly shine through your wardrobe choices and fashion trends.

Kortons allows you a unique opportunity to experiment around with your favorite pair of footwear trends, and create an exciting fusion of your desire metals, fabrics and accents to create eyelets that resonate with your personal sense of style. Truly, this is a fabulous strategy to create a sublime collection of high-end luxury sneakers that stand out from each other.

Whether you have a flair for gold accents, or you prefer the sleek edginess of chrome and platinum. Kortons allows you to explore an unimaginable variety of trendy and timeless metals that will work wonders at accentuating the charm of your favorite pair of sneakers.


Playing with Metal Accents

Some men appreciate the dramatic flair of luxury exuded by gilded gold and gold-dipped eyelets, while others have a flair of athleisure inspired chrome accents. Kortons allows footwear enthusiasts and sneaker collectors to get involved in the designing process and play around with the fusion of metal accents and varieties to create a pair that is truly unparalleled across the streets.

Each metal has its own style vibe and properties, and while platinum rocks a vibe that is sleek, understated and eclectic, gilded gold is entrenched with a dramatic aura of lavishness.


Luxury made Quality

We all seek luxury and majority of the buyers, particularly millennial fashion enthusiasts, do believe in spending hundreds of dollars on custom items. Hence, we find all find our fashion escape in creativity and uniqueness, DIY which promise both, quality and luxury.

At Kortons, we introduced the concept of customized and high-end 3D eyelets with the agenda of making luxury and glamour more achievable, and affordable for fashion enthusiasts. These exquisitely designed eyelets undergo extensive processes of designing, crafting and polishing, and despite the affordable rates, we wouldn’t dare to compromise our standards of superior quality.

Armed with our exquisitely crafted 3D eyelets, you can give your standard pair of sneakers a high-end designer charm with sleek and glossy ornamentation that will make them stand out. Although, spending hundreds of dollars on bespoke pairs to climb up the designer ladder, we urge you to invest in our dazzling variety of intricate 3D eyelets.



If you are inquisitive about the styles and designs available in our eyelets collection, or you simply want to galvanize the design that would best complement your pair of Philip Plein sneakers, feel free to browse our exclusive collection. 


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