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Our company is a leader in the jewelry, grommet and eyelet industry. We provide and sell not just top quality products but furnish our customers an outstanding online shopping experience. Kortons Brand Eyelet Company Inc. produces high standard embellishments for exorbitant footwear, crafted and designed utilizing the finest metals, platinum, gold, or silver with remarkable magnificent quality at the highest level customer satisfaction guaranteed it is not only a promise it is a must. Trust is what we have exemplified for nearly a century as a tradition and indistinguishable from our genuine custom jewelry lace eyelet products.

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Customer Service

We consider convenience is your choice. Our products are guaranteed with high star rating that should assist skeptical buyers to take a decision. What’s even more promising, you can search our company and website if you know exactly what you are looking for or use a variety of different filters that will conveniently spare your time and save you worries.

Global Delivery

We ship our goods globally. Where ever the destinstion, your order will be packed and delivered on time in reach of your doorway or to any other location desired. The packages are maneuvered with delicate care, and the ordered items will be sent secured, safe and sound, as you would expect them to be.

The excellent quality products

Our products are at the highest quality level with in its respectful industry. Mnay decades of prosperous operation and millions of satisfied customers allow us to feel confident about that. furthehmore, all items we sell is inspected by quality control professionals.

Our team

Bill Switzberg

Committed Senior salesman for over 30 years of experience. He an seasoned expert and is knowledgeable about the products offered.

Joanne Peterson

A valueble shop assistant and is always willing and able to help you make the right decision and greet you with a respect.

Sissy Carmicheal

Senior manager. Responsible for 24/7 operations.

Edward Blake

Quality control manager. Duty is to inspect the products we deliver and solve quality issues if any.


I purchased four 14 Karat Gold round shoe eyelets for my $2000.00 Gucci Shoes to standout and be unique with my luxury footwear. I must say these are 100% quality shoe eyelets very upscale and complements luxury hi end shoe brands tremendously, also delivered as promised even though it takes about two weeks because customizations and manufacturing. Very unique shoe eyelet concept from this jewelry brand.

A Frazier

This jewelry brand is more than what expected its definitely a high quality luxury brand dont take my word for it here is video link.

Robert Thomas