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Eyelet Education

What is an eyelet?

An eyelet is a small metal ring hole.

What are eyelets used for?

The uses and purposes for eyelets serves as garment embellishments to receive shoestrings hooks etc.

KORTONS as a quality unique eyelet brand

Unlike traditional eyelets, KORTONS brand jewelry lace eyelets are superior by far and are manufactured with only the finest metals. These new type of eyelets are designed and created with precious metals such as platinum, gold, and silver that requires careful installation by seasoned hands with optimal tools. This has in no way affected the quality of products on offer. The holes suffer less with specialized hands involved.


Eyelet Types By Kortons

Standard Round 3D Eyelets

  • This is often described as the most common in the jewelry industry. Kortons has made eyelets capable of gracing the very best in fabric and footwear. They are just perfect for high-end dress shoes. With the kind of quality on display, Kortons reinforced precious metal grommet will seldom rip out. They may appear delicate but they are built to last. 

Standard-Cut 3D Eyelets

  • The precious metal 3d eyelets in gold are sometimes looped with fabric or grommet. Hence the name standard-cut. Lightweight high-end shoes typically carry this kind of eyelet. For footwear, the eyelets are sewn into the shoe's fabric. With the quality of the precious metal 3d, you don't have to worry about any rip outs due to overuse. Also, you don't have to worry about it getting pulled too tightly. 

Standard Octagon 3D Eyelets

  • These are heavy duty eyelets. It's only normal that the corresponding fashion item is just as strong. Some of the footwears include work boots. This type of eyelets makes the footwear bolder and stronger for all purposes. 3D Octagon eyelets are often spotted among heavy footwear, allowing a tighter or looser fit. With this eyelet, you have a unique and comfortable look. 

Standard 3D Eyelets

  • These eyelets are also spotted along the marquee of footwear. It's not uncommon to see them on work boots, ice skates, and hiking boots. The style 3d eyelet simply means it is easier to lace and more appealing than other kinds. High-end casual footwear will look and become supreme with these eyelets in addition. At Kortons, precious metal 3d is affixed to a punched hole.