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Kortons Luxury Jewelry Shoelace Eyelets and the Fashion World

Kortons Luxury Jewelry Shoelace Eyelets and the Fashion World




Fashion is an extension of your personality. All of us have the freedom to live out our lives loud and proud with the fashion that truly defines us. 


You’re special and deserve something that is uniquely for you. 


Unfortunately, although there are various luxurious shoe brands and limited edition labels, it is still possible to find someone with a duplicate look, which can be quite an annoyance. Kortons changes all that with its luxurious shoelace eyelets, embellished with quality jewelry chosen and prepared by highly talented artisans. 


We’re the leaders in inimitable fashion in footwear.  

Why Choose Fashionable Footwear?


Because fashion is all about looking stunning from head to toe. Choosing a stylish footwear can leave a stunning first impression on the people around you and provide you with great confidence in every step you take. 

What are Eyelets Anyway?


They’re the small holes in your shoes where shoelaces are threaded through. Although usually made from plastic or metal, Kortons goes the extra mile in providing luxurious jewelry alternatives that will stylize your shoe designs in a revolutionary way. 


Kortons’ luxury jewelry shoelace eyelets are the epitome of style, sophistication and personality. Our classy collection of eyelets are the perfect accessory to add a transformational difference to your outfit. Transform your shoes into one-of-a-kind masterpieces by gracing them with Kortons’ personalized luxury shoelace eyelets. 


With our signature range, you'll be able to take customization a step further with a brilliant selection of luxury eyelets manufactured from quality jewelry. Each design is meticulously pieced together by leading artists to help you make the most emphatic fashion statement wherever you go. 


Why Choose Kortons Luxury Eyelets?

Because you’re worth it!


Every customer deserves the best way to express themselves. Our eyelets are customized to suit your unique personality to ensure that there will always be a stylish look for every occasion and each season. 

Superior Quality


Kortons’ luxury eyelets are made from the choicest materials that are handmade by our experienced designers. The flawless craftsmanship of Kortons’ luxury eyelets will enhance the looks of your favorite outfits. Customers also have the option of deciding their preferred specifications - from metal type, to thickness and other dimensions. 

Unique Gifts


Our range of stylized eyelets serve as a thoughtful gift for loved ones. Select a customized style suitable as a gift for a wedding, anniversary, birthday or any other special event. Korton’s dedicated designers will collaborate with you to create a unique art piece that will surely turn heads and become the topic of many conversations. 


Kortons is a modern leader of luxury footwear that will offer you with the finest pieces to complete your ideal footwear design. View our catalog for inspiration or get started on your journey with us today. 


At Kortons, our luxurious products are like the promises to our customers - timeless and dedicated. 


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