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Shoe Eyelet Lace Styles

KBEC INC. Lace Styles With Luxury Eyelets


At Kortons, we believe that luxurious eyelets are the winning touch to any footwear. We’re dedicated toward creating the most stunning and gorgeous designs guaranteed to leave a fashion statement anywhere you go. Whether you’re hiking in the Andes or commuting through the busy streets of New York, our eyelets will provide you with unmatched confidence in style, class, and personality. 


Team Kortons narrows down on 5 captivating eyelet designs for your consideration. At Kortons, we’re all about redefining the world of footwear through the tiniest detail. 

14K Rose Gold Octagon 3D Eyelet 4/16 Inch 


This stunning 3D eyelet will spruce up your most luxurious footwear. Octagonal eyelets are impressive from afar, due to their bold shape and size. The 14K rose gold design features a feminine and classy touch to the overall design. 3D eyelets are sure to catch the eye of onlookers, with a unique pop-up construct that is a welcome change to common flat designs. 

They’re best paired with statement-making oxfords and limited edition sneakers. 

Antique Silver Octagon 3D Eyelet 4/16 Inch


Our antique silver 3D eyelet is designed with a slightly faded sheen that gives it a rugged look. Ideal for stylish hard-wearing boots such as Timberlands, Red Wings and Dr. Martens. You will be out and about in style with boots that feature these bad boys. Boots are deeply personal footwear that deserve the finest touch, which makes them much more special for their wearers. 

14K Yellow Gold (8) Round 3D Eyelet 3/16 Inch


Perhaps 8 is your lucky number or the number of your fave athlete?  Either way, this stylish design is shaped into the beautiful sinuous curves of the number 8. Chinese traditions believe that the number 8 is synonymous with fortune, bliss and neverending prosperity. 

It might be a great idea to add some of these to your fave footwear to bring you some luck. Its shiny 14K yellow gold makes the eyelet appear even grander. If you’re looking for a rich adornment for your shoes, look no further than this eye-catching design.  

Platinum (S) Round 3D Eyelet 3/16 Inch


This stunning S-shaped eyelet is specially for you. The model is made with shiny platinum that brings star power to your footwear.  Platinum is a precious material that tops gold in rarity and is an instant attention-grabber. You may consider combining this stylish eyelet with our other alphabet designs to spell out your initials and showcase them with pride.

14K White Gold ($) Round 3D Eyelet 3/16 Inch 

White Gold is an amazing alloy that exudes a beautiful shine, which gives silver designs a run for their money. Kortons’ White Gold $ sign eyelet is certainly one way to leave a huge lasting impression with your sneakers. Personalize your Alexander McQueens and Balenciaga sneakers in unmatched style and fashion with these lavish eyelets. 


Kortons is the trail-blazing pioneer in the world of luxury eyelets. We're here to get personal with your posh footwear.