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The Amazing World of Shoelery

The Amazing World of Shoelery 


Any bona fide footwear enthusiast is always seeking creative ways to spruce up their collection. Shoelery, a line by designer Erica Giuliani, has been a major hit in the world of personalized footwear.  Giuliani’s dazzling boot belts, heel chains, and shoe clip-ons enables wearers to mix and match according to their preferred look. 


Diverse Designs


Shoelery’s eye-catching collection features a vast inventory of products. Shoelery is sure to stock something for everyone. Popular designs include pretty bows, glittery silver clasps, rhinestone bands, French-inspired buckles, and more. Shoelery brings out the inner designer in everyone as they engage in their most bold and imaginative fashion experiments. It is a chance to be playful, stylish, and undeniably unique.


Wearers can easily glam up or add a girly touch to their plain pumps, boots, or flats in a matter of seconds. Its easy customization encourages wearers to try various styles with their favorite pair of designer footwear. Fashionistas can look forward to refreshing their wardrobe throughout the year, with styles to match every season and occasion. Shoelery prevents footwear from ever going démodé and lets you fall in love with your fave shoes over and over again.


Versatile Styling 


The possibilities are endless with Shoelery products. A majority of wearers prefer attaching the stylish clip-ons at the front of their footwear as a definitive fashion statement. Alternatively, you may add them to the back of your trusty pumps or stilettos for a cute twist. Why not clip them onto a plain wide-rimmed floppy summer hat to stand out from the crowd? It is easy to see why Shoelery designs are not limited to the confines of footwear.


Kortons: Lux Eyelets for Enhanced Shoelery 


Kortons is the leading designer of premium eyelets. We believe that luxurious eyelets have the potential to enrich the overall appearance of your favorite footwear. Kortons quality eyelets are available in a broad range of design options, which are specially crafted in rare materials such as gold and platinum. The eyelets are suitable for casual designer sneakers, rugged boots, or any other footwear that requires a personalized touch. Customers can look forward to creating monograms as personalized accessories, or sentimental gifts for their loved ones.

The quality of Kortons eyelets makes them highly resistant against scratches and damage. Our products are meant to be passed from one generation to another.


The combination of Kortons’ exquisite eyelets and Shoelery’s gorgeous accessories will instantly transform your precious footwear into unique masterpieces.  Why stop at standard designer footwear? Create a style that is truly one-of-a-kind with Kortons and Shoelery - because you deserve nothing short of the finest. 


Browse Korton’s catalog to discover the style that reflects your personality. We are committed to providing nearly a century of unmatched class, quality, and brilliance.