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KBEC INC. Platinum Octagon Shoelace Eyelets Letter (P)


What are Kortons’ Platinum Eyelets?


Eyelets are an often overlooked feature of footwear. They are the holes where laces are threaded through for a snug fit. Footwear with longer shoelaces usually features more eyelets (i.e. boots) than shoes with shorter laces (i.e. sneakers). Eyelets may be small features but they can certainly make a huge difference by improving the aesthetics of designer footwear and making them even more precious. 




The Power of Platinum


Platinum is a rare material that is highly treasured among students of style and fashion. The silver-like metal is associated with glam, sophistication, and beauty - which is why the greatest tracks in the music industry are branded platinum hits (never gold or diamond). 

Adding platinum eyelets to designer footwear will not only enhance its overall appearance but makes wearers feel like VIPs wherever they go. Kortons’platinum eyelets are not just a preference, it is the leading standard of class and quality.  


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